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Unfair Mario

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If you were a fan of Mario video game then you should definitely try out unfair Mario. Unlike the original Mario game, unfair Mario has no plumbers or monsters so it is supposed to be easy, right? Unfair Mario is definitely no walk in the park, and just by going by its name, it is a game that has been designed to specifically work on your nerves. Unfair Mario is a general rated PC game designed by Mario Bros whose main character of course, is Mario. The goal of the game is to get to the final flag while avoiding all of the booby traps that are there to specifically kill you. The hidden traps are located everywhere and during the course of the game you may never be certain of what to expect. Falling stones, hidden spikes and many more obstacles, unfair Mario is just one difficult game to predict. In short the game has been designed to make you call it quits. Some of the positive aspect about this game is that the sound track has been perfectly engineered to suit the mood of the game. Another positive thing about the game is that you do not have a limit to the number of lives and you can be able to mark the spots where you died so as to avoid death in the future. For controlling Mario use the navigation keys; left arrow and right arrow for walking while the up arrow for jumping. The key to succeeding in this game is being quick with your movements and responses. Also you have to try the game several times so as to master it completely, dying in this game is completely normal and for one to be good at this game you will have to learn from your previous deaths. If you fancy games that are slightly harder and quite challenging in nature then you should definitely try out Unfair Mario.